Industrial Engraving

Our time served engineers specialise in quality presentation – all engraving has suitable depth, precise clarity and correct form and scale. Items are produced by both automated machinery – via image download and manual engraving techniques. All products are hand and/or machine finished and benefit from high levels of final quality inspection.

We specialise in high care, scratch free, clean processes, where cosmetic appearance can be foremost in customer product presentation criteria.

High technical competence, up to date machinery and optimum production efficiencies allow competitive, realistic pricing and consistent on time deliveries, for all order quantities.

Some of our broad product and service ranges for this sector include:

Labels, nameplates, mimics and legend plates

Produced in all sizes, thickness and materials – industrial laminates, plastics, brass, stainless steel, aluminium.

Items can be colour filled to customer specification, all labels are presentation edge chamfered as standard – and can be supplied drilled or c/w self adhesive.

Items can be machined to perimeter shape and can include cut outs to customer requirements.

Blank plates and escutcheon plates are produced in various sizes and materials – these can be drilled and / or machined to suit requirements.

Vehicle VIN /Chassis plates

Individually designed to customer requirements or standard issue design – automotive chassis / VIN plates in line with the latest legislation are available – either engraved for low volumes or anno printed (etched) for larger numbers.

To suit commercial vehicles, current on and off road standard production vehicles, classic cars, cranes, fork lift trucks etc…

Materials are typically aluminium or stainless steel to enable etching or engraving which meets standard specification. Beware printed plates as these do not meet UK VIN plate specification.

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Electrical control panel facias

We specialise in machining and engraving customer free issue control panel doors and control boxes – we also manufacture engraved and machined fascia/mimic plates to suit customer free issue doors/boxes in a variety of materials – stainless steel, anodised aluminium, laminates etc.

A full turnkey process – fabricate, machine, paint and engrave is available for complete control panel desk plates and drawer units.

We offer both a manufacture to specification or engrave only free issue parts service for switch legend plates in a variety of forms, colours, materials and sizes.

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Customer free issue components

We are supplied a large variety of control panel doors and proprietary control boxes which we machine and engrave to specification. Some combinations involve machining the component and then manufacturing and engraving a suitable fascia plate in materials such as stainless steel, aluminium, laminate etc.

We also engrave a variety of electrical components – switchplates – single to multi gang, sockets – in plastic or steel, push buttons, fuseboxes etc.

Customer supplied cast, fabricated and machined components in all engineering materials and coatings – anodised, zinc plated, and painted are precision engraved and colour filled to applicable specification as required.

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Domestic and general signage

We offer presentation / entrance address plaques – engraved plates in brass, stainless steel, gold or silver faced laminate.

High quality silver, rhodium (platinum) or gold coated materials available. Engraved plates can be wooden plaque mounted in oak, mahogany etc.

Large engraved notices or vinyl mounted letters in all colours and sizes.

Safety Signage – directional and picture illustrated – all sizes and colour combinations.
Commercial property signs – braille and tactile notices and labels, office door nameplates and sliders, lift operation plates and door entry/reception panels.

Bar, hotel and restaurant signage – key fobs, room numbers and table numbers – typically in brass or stainless steel.

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Industrial dials and stencils

Produced to customer specification – any letter style or size – produced in quality, flexible stencil zinc.

Typical common applications include tool or plant identification and crate/packaging marking.

Graduated scales and dials

We offer an engraving service for customer free issue materials and complete fabricated items, typically in plastic, steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminium.

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