Plastic Fabrication

Production in all colours, thickness and practical sizes and shapes in engineering plastics as customer specified.

Bending, milling, drilling, slotting, laminating and joining facilities available on site to allow specific customization of appropriate original plastic products.

Sheet material available cut to size and drilled/machined as required.

Product and Services available include –

Plastic Fabricated Components

Machined, folded and joined electrical component covers, folded guards, fabricated gauges and sliding door plates are typical product examples.

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Machined windows, covers, guards, lenses and screens

From small shaped cctv camera lenses to large shatterproof machinery guards and windows, items can be cut to size, machined, drilled and engraved where necessary.

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Fabricated tufnol components

Machined blocks, mounting plates, fabricated bobbins, flash protector panels and packing plates.

Various thickness of Tufnol sheets available cut to size – excellent insulating properties and very good wear resistance.

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Machined small components

Available in Tufnol, acyetol, Nylon 6 – insulator plates and PCB mounting plates are common applications.

Any batch sizes and specified material are considered.

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